Ask us - parent to parent

IPWSO was started by parents and professionals.  We are here for parents, families, caregivers and professionals, and we can answer your questions. 

Our Board always has a majority of parents.  We know what it is like to have a diagnosis of some unknown syndrome put upon your child.  We know what it is like to love that child, and to face the challenges the syndrome.  Your questions can be answered by professionals in our network system, or by parents who know what it's like.  Any question.  Any time.  Just ask.

Ask us - professional to professional

IPWSO has a large network of professional medical experts, caregivers, teachers, and advisers.  If you have a question to put to any of our teams (Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board, Family Care board, Professional Providers and Caregivers board, or any of our advisers), please email us.  We will direct your enquiry to one of our boards and return with their answer.




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